Cardi B is being dragged on social media for saying American fast food is unhealthy. “I really feel like this country keeps you sick on purpose,” she said in a recent interview.

The rapper said fast food in Colombia tastes “fresh. It was like they cut the chicken in the back.”

Fast food is healthier in foreign countries because certain ingredients are banned there.

But the U.S. Food & Drug Administration allows banned substances in American food due to backroom payoffs from the food industry.

The mom-of-three says American fast food tastes “terrible. It taste like plastic.”

She continued: “I forgot why I haven’t eaten KFC in a long time. Like, it makes me sh*t. But it didn’t make me sh*t in Colombia.”

The “Be Careful” rapper thinks America is intentionally making people sick.

One fan took offense to Cardi B criticizing an industry that employs over 700,000 people in the US.

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The fan pointed out that Cardi B promoted her own branded meal for McDonald’s.

“A lot of people are saying she’s real for saying American fast food like McDonald’s and KFC is keeping people sick, but they ignore the fact that she collaborated with McDonald’s and promoted it—like, literally promoted it. I’m talking about commercials and everything, even branded meals.”

Watch the video below.